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To walk in the valley, is to walk through the storm, and with God on your side, you can't lose. For all that is lost is the self part of your existence.

The ups and downs of life, I like to call the valley. The slopes, the bumps, the rocks, the ledges. These are all part of the valley. There may be sharp edges, and there may be smooth stones. There may be grassy knolls to rest your feet, and there may be rough places to challenge your endurance . But God is the "God of the Valley” as well as the "God of the Mountaintop.”

God loves to take your rough places, and make them smooth. He loves to take the rough edges, and sand them to where they ought to be. He likes to make a miracle of a crooked person, and straighten their act out.

The business that God is into is the one that eternally changes lives. He’ll take that life, and use it to show the world that salvation belongs to Him and in no other.

For Jesus is the “I AM”. “He is” the one you can count on to smooth out your problems, and to rest in when you need an oasis. “He is” and can be your refuge. “He is” your strength, if you let him. “He is” and can be your I AM.

You can count on Him even beyond your spiritual birthday. He will be your I AM in the midst of the storm. He we will be your I AM in the midst of any and all decisions. He is and will be your I AM THERE when you feel lost and confused.

God is always working on perfecting your life in the circumstances. He changes a bit here, and a bit there. He pushes your buttons, when they need to be pushed. He cuts things away, when there is a surgery to be done. But when all is said and done, God will have made you into a masterpiece. He knew that before He even started. We just don’t see it all. And He’s not finished yet!

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